Promote Your Photo Pages With PDF Submissions


Document Sharing is quite popular in the SEO world because it’s simple promotion technique that can generate almost instant traffic and create some very high-value backlinks at the same. The backlinks are particularly useful because they come from high PageRank websites and the links are contextual… which means they’re embedded in the body of the document rather than just listed in a profile or added as comment.

For photographers it’s a great way to generate some ...

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The Best of Both Worlds?

If you’ve been around GlobalEye/OzImages for a while you’ll know I’ve always  encouraged photographers to work with Rights-Managed licensing and to hold out for fair and reasonable payments.

I’ve always been a Microstock-skeptic but I’ll also acknowledge that there are times when RF licensing makes more sense for a Client… so I’ve upset more than a few people on both sides of the licensing debate.

So with that said, I don’t want this to turn into yet another debate on the various ...

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DIY Stock Photography Website

We’ve been doing a few promos for the Instant Photography Websites package recently, which in turn has prompted a few people to email me asking for a good template website for selling their photography as stock.

The thing to remember about this is, the frame work is the easy part.

A lot of photographers get all caught up believing if they build a cool shopfront, buyers will come. Unfortunately commercial buyers just aren’t interested in browsing individual photographer collections UNLESS… your work ...

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People Photos That Sell

Last time around we talked a bit about Content Vs Subject in photography, and we covered a few of the problems you’re sure to face if you focus too much on the subject you see in front of you, instead of the content a buyer might be able to use.

‘People’ photos are probably the best example I can give you of this…

Any stock photography book you pick up will tell you people photos sell.

If you want to sell stock photos ...

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