Get Paid To Draw Review

I’ve had a lot of emails about the PaidToDraw package that I linked to in my Best of Both Worlds post the other day. The post was supposed to start a bit of discussion on whether or not it was feasible for RM photographers to create stylised variations of some of their images, to distribute as illustrations via the lower-end libraries.

Instead most of the discussion seems to be on the merits of the PaidToDraw package, so I thought I’d post my thoughts/review here, and see if we can separate the two a bit.

GetPaidToDraw is an information product designed for someone wanting to get started doing some simple commercial drawing. The package promises to teach some basic drawing processes, provide free tools to get you started, and show you where you can submit your work.

The target market is people wanting to make some extra money, so there is the usual hyped up internet sales spiel that does tend to put a lot of people off. Likewise if you do order, there’s the usual upsells, downsells and backend offers that also annoy a lot of people.

(I see so many of them I’m probably a bit immune to them and forget how annoying they can be!)

For all that, the package actually delivers everything it promises and a bit more.

There’s nothing ground-breaking in it, and anyone interested could probably find all the information for free without too much trouble… if they had the time and inclination. That’s what you’re paying for though… to have someone dig it out and make it available in one place.

There’s dozens of drawing tutorial videos, case studies of some of the big sellers on iStockphoto, plus links and notes for all the to major libraries that sell the stuff, and links to various other items, from digital cameras to free software you can use.

For my money, it’s good value for the price… IF this is something you want to learn, especially if you prefer to spend your time learning and doing, rather than searching the internet looking for free information.

You can check out the Paid To Draw package here.

Is it going to be useful for photographers?

As it stands, it’s definitely a ‘drawing’ package… a totally different artform… so unless you’re interested in expanding your skills, it’s probably not going to interest too many photographers.

If you already do this kind of artwork, then it’s definitely not… it is a beginners package!

However… if you’d like to add another passive revenue stream to your business based on drawing & illustrations, then I think maybe it could be very useful… if that’s your thing.

Personally I found the how-to‘s on Vector Graphics very interesting. It’s something I’ve never done myself, but I’d like to know how to do them. I’m forever looking for these for my websites, and knowing how to make them for my own use, and sell them as well is a bonus.

What really interests me though is the possibility of creating heavily stylised variations of your images and selling those through these platforms. There is a definite market for the high-quality illustrations and I really don’t see a lot of them being offers as RM images, so maybe that’s an option?

But what about the scam reports?

If you dig around a bit, you’ll find a few reports on the web labeling this offer as a scam. Those I read were either establish graphic artists who didn’t think the package was any use to established artists, (which it never claimed to be)  or people who clearly didn’t read the offer and actually misrepresented the package.

Basically PaidToDraw offers an information package showing beginners one way to learn how to create drawings and get paid for them. Personally I think they deliver very well on that offer. So I was happy to post a link to them.

There’s also been some concern that the site was causing a Web Of Trust  warning. I don’t actually use the WOT plugin, but I do have other security tools in place that didn’t have an issue with the page. I’ve notified the website owner though, and I’ll post an update here when I get a response.

Beyond that though, you need to read the offer and evaluate for yourself whether or not it’s something that  could benefit you!

Hope this helps!

Get Paid To Draw